Standard fare

Passengers using Metrolink must purchase a ticket prior to boarding and travelling on the tram.
Metrolink daily tickets can be bought from ticket machines at all tram stops. Season tickets can be
purchased online, at Travelshops and at retail outlets across
Greater Manchester with the PayPoint sign. A full list of outlets is available online at

Metrolink Passenger Service Representatives regularly patrol the system and check passengers’ tickets 7 days a week. Anyone found travelling without a valid ticket will be issued with a standard fare of £100 which must
be paid within 21 days. This charge will be reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days.

If this standard fare is not paid, we will seek prosecution through the Magistrates Court.

It is important that passengers recognise all revenues from ticket sales are reinvested into the
Metrolink system to improve the service. It is crucial to the future development of the system that
all passengers pay the fare for the journey they are making.

Please remember that Passenger Service Representatives have an important job to do in carrying out revenue
protection duties. They must be consistent and issue a standard fare to any person found to be
travelling without a valid ticket.

For any further information relating to the Metrolink standard fare, please contact Customer Services.

If you have any questions please view our FAQs or submit your enquiry using the General Enquiry Form.

FAQ: Can I purchase my ticket on the tram?
Route Map [pdf]